Active Lives Children and Young People 2021-22 released

On Thursday 8 December, Sport England released their latest Active Lives Children and Young People data set for 2021-22.

 This new set of data  revealed that, encouragingly, young people’s activity levels overall have recovered to pre-pandemic levels. However, with still less than 50% of children meeting the Chief Medical Officers’ guidelines of taking part in an average of 60 minutes or more of sport and physical activity a day, more must be done.

Key report findings:

  • Whilst children’s activity levels have recovered to pre pandemic levels, still less than half of children (47.2%) are active for the Chief Medical Officer’s recommended daily amount of 60 minutes a day. And 2.2 million children fall well below that level and are active for less than 30 minutes
  • There are clear linkages between activity levels and mental wellbeing. A child who is more active is likely to report higher levels of happiness and resilience
  • Inequality is still a key factor in whether a child will be active, with 42% of children from low-income families meeting recommended daily levels versus 52% of children from high income families. Children in low-income families are also 2/3 times more likely to develop mental health problems than those in the highest*

Read the full report here 

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