Youth Sports Trust Impact Report 2022

The Youth Sport Trust is proud to launch our 2022 Impact Report. In it you can read how, in collaboration with many valued partners up and down the country and overseas, we are working to improve young people’s physical and mental health, develop their character and leadership skills, foster inclusion to build empathy, and ensure no child is left behind so that irrespective of age, gender, affluence, ability, or ethnicity, all young people are able to access the life-changing benefits of PE, sport and play.

Over the past twelve months, we have redoubled our efforts to tackle existing inequalities of access through programme design and targeted implementation to meet the needs of the most underserved young people and those facing the greatest challenges.

Our key impacts during 2022 include:

  • 13,203 teachers, coaches and practitioners were trained to deliver physical education, sport and play to support the development of young people
  • 237,981 young people participated in an activity made possible through the work of the Youth Sport Trust
  • 86,897 young people were also trained through the Youth Sport Trust to become young leaders to their peers.

Read the full report here 

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