World Health Organisation – ‘Promoting Physical Activity through Schools’ paper

This week see's the publication from the World Health Organisation of the Promoting Physical Activity through School's paper.

World Health Organisation – ‘Promoting Physical Activity through Schools’ paper

 Some key points that can be found include:

  • PE should be valued within the school and should not be replaced by other subjects, courses or activities; also, it should be provided to all children, irrespective of age, gender or ability”.
  • “A whole-of-school approach can make a significant impact both in the prevention of childhood obesity and in improving children’s overall health and well-being, if it partners with parents and the community to ensure that safe and accessible physical activity opportunities are extended to all children. Particular attention should be given to reducing the barriers to being physically active for children with disability or chronic conditions. Integrating physical activity as part of healthy lifestyle interventions, including healthy diets, can be guided by the standards to make every school a health-promoting school (5, 19).”

Read the full report here 

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