Virtual Pentathlon

Our first virtual competition was the Pentathlon.

Virtual Pentathlon

Aim: The Pentathlon provides the opportunity for students to achieve their personal best and provide the opportunity to run an intra school event. Age Groups: Suitable to any age group Entry: The events can be completed in class/ year group bubbles. 

Scoring is optional  but if you want to keep score for your school please enter scores into the spreadsheet, this can be made into an intra competition if you want. The guidance document and results spreadsheet can be downloaded here 

Adaptations- if you do not have the equipment specified please use the following adaptations: - official long jump mat- instead use a gym mat and a tape measure - speed bounce mat, use a line of cones or a flat line marker- 1kg medicine ball for chest push instead use any standard size 5 ball (make sure all the students use the same).- vertical jump use a wall and a piece of chalk to mark the start point and the jump height.

If you set this up in your school please share some pictures and tag me @SGO_Bournemouth @DorsetGames  

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