School Games Santa Dash

A national event is taking place on 11th December the School Games Santa Dash. The general idea is to just have festive fun, get the children active and involved emphasising the importance of being active.

School Games Santa Dash


There are lots of ways to get involved:

Primary Ideas

  • a Festive Fancy Dress Fun Run on the playground ( download the timetable here so you can join in at the same time as everyone nationally)
  • Reindeer’ Relay Races 
  • Elves Present Search (like an easter egg hunt, resources available here in the powerpoint).Santa is the teacher who sends the elves (pupils) looking for presents. Santa needs the elves to tell him how many there are of each present (number code).

Secondary Timetable is available here

Enjoy some festive fun, tag us in your pictures @SGO_Bournemouth

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