Run Bournemouth Festival

Run Bournemouth Festival

Run Bournemouth Festival

On Saturday 8th October as part of the Run Bournemouth festival there will be a variety of junior events available:

1km 3-6 years 2pm

1.5km 6-8 years 2.30pm

2km 9-12 years 3pm

5km 11-18 years 3.30pm

More information available on the digital pack via the link below

Bournemouth School Games - 2022 Bournemouth Half Marathon (

As part of this event there is a Junior Schools Competition

In order to qualify for the Junior Schools Competition, a school MUST enter at least 3 boys and 3 girls into the Run Bournemouth Junior Races. 

The top three girls and top three boys score points for each school. Points are awarded equally to the position in which the runners crossed the finish line. The first place gets one point, the second place two points etc. The points for these runners are then added up, and the school which finishes with the “lowest” score of all will be officially announced the winners. This will be calculated after the event has ended and the school will be contacted to organise the delivery of voucher.

All entries are made via the website.

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