National School Sports Week

The UK is facing a ‘new pandemic’ of loneliness, rising mental health needs and childhood inactivity. In a bid to get more young people to have fun doing sport and find their place within it, we are asking teachers, parents, and organisations across the UK to sign up for National School Sport Week, 20-26 June.

National School Sports Week

 The Youth Sport trust have launched a new video by 21-year-old Elodie Fleet who sits on their Youth Board, Claire Coates, a Headteacher Ambassador from Griffydam Primary School, and Olympic and Commonwealth Games swimmer Adam Whitehead. The video brings to life the theme of the campaign ‘Belonging – a place in sport for every child’.  


On the week itself, there will be a series of 60-second interactive challenges in exchange for charitable donations to help schools foster a sense of belonging and encourage children to have fun. Everyone who signs up for National School Sport Week will receive free resources, including ideas on how to raise awareness of the importance of school sport and being a changemaker within it. 

For more information and to register to take part in this summer’s National School Sport Week click here

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